Salvatore Fiore

The quarry of Salvatore Fiore was founded in the early twentieth century.
Salvatore Fiore was an important celebrity in Sardinia. He began working as a humble stonemason and later he became one of the most important granite industrialists in the world.
Fiore was born in Buddusò in 1936, he lived a strongly childhood characterized by the simple conditions of his family. He had a strong desire to improve his position and for this reason, in 1961, he registered his company at the Chamber of Commerce under the name "Salvatore Fiore – Estrazione e lavorazione granito".

In 1966, the granite produced by Salvatore Fiore was chosen for the restoration of the flooring and the facade of the Cologne Cathedral; this was one of a series of goals that Salvatore Fiore achieved in the international markets, such as the US and Japan.
In 1968 Salvatore Fiore began the most important entrepreneur in the sector of the extraction of granite in Sardinia. He has always looked for the most advanced technologies establishing business relationships with industrials all over the world.

He died in 2012, leaving the activity to his family.


first attempt to cut flush       current cultivation with flush cutting       first derrick with struts
first attempt to cutting with diamond wire       current cultivation with diamond wire       first derrick with struts