The granite block is the flagship product of our business.
The work is done with a diamond wire cut for most of the surface.

Today, the use of explosives is avoided, except in special situations.

Considering the characteristics of the field, the company is able to produce "standard" blocks whose dimensions are between 6 and 10 cubic meters; we also produce customized blocks and large blocks for special processing.



The quality in the extraction of the blocks and the long experience gained during the years by our company, have allowed us to grow in Sardinia so that our products have paved the ports of Olbia, Alghero and Porto Torres.
Our laboratory, located at the foot of the quarry, is equipped for the production of different types of products: from the simplest work (urban structures and infrastructures), to the most typical works (for applications, tiles, thresholds, window sills, staircases, pillars, fireplaces and others).